• Ceramic

    Practicality & Variety

    We offer our very own ceramic tile lines in both delicate and bold color choices.

  • Deco

    Fashion, Creativity & Luxury

    Whether you approach designer tile as artwork or accent, our deco and handmade collection will complete your project.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Necessity & Quality

    It is our intention to provide an eco-friendly product range to help you achieve LEED certified projects.

  • Glass

    Versatility & Innovation

    Experience an exclusive source of creativity with limitless choices at WalkOn Tile. We offer a one of a kind glass collection created by our knowledgeable in-house design team.

  • Porcelain

    Harmony, Grace & Durability

    We provide the important missing piece to complete your project with an expansive color palette, exciting textures and irresistible designs from modern and contemporary to luxury deco.

  • Stone

    Natural, Traditional & Timeless Beauty

    We showcase an impressive variety of pattern, movement, color and texture in stone tile, mosaic and slab formats. A force of inspiration that only nature could create.


  • Earth Tone
    Earth Tone

    Ivory, Gold and Brown:
    Cream, Bone, Tan, Gold, Ivory, Oak, Vanilla, Bisque, Butter, Warm, Light, Latte, Honey, Sand, Lemon Yellow, Laced Ivory, Thar, Chex, Ecru, Harvest, Mou, Ochre, Flax, Natural, Beige, Moka, Cappuccino, Biscuit, Driftwood, Marrone, Coffee, Brown, Tobacco, Pepper, Cocoa, Noce, Chocolate, Tabac, Bronce.

  • Fire Tone
    Fire Tone

    Orange, Red and Violet:
    Citrus, Sunset Orange, Sesame, Tangerine, Cotto, Chestnut, Peach, Coral, Arancio, Paprika, Rosso, Ruby, Amber, Pink Mist, Mauve, Vermilion, Poppy, Crimson, Cherry, Port, Merlot, Blush, Plum, Lavender, Zinfandel, Rosa, Lilac, Viola.

  • Metal Tone
    Metal Tone

    White, Grey and Silver:
    Super White, Bianco, Icy White, Crystal, Snow, Sugar Cube, Igloo, Blizzard, Pure White, Silver, Agata, Champagne, Ica, Griffin, Charcoal, Grigio, Smokey Mirror Platinum, Light Grey, Metallic, Charcoal Heather, Pebble, Volaka, Storm, Midnight, Ash, Argent, Concrete, Dark Grey, Steel Grey, Raven.

  • Water Tone
    Water Tone

    Blue and Black:
    Seaside, Blue Lagoon, Pacific Blue, Royal, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Sea View,Dark Blue, Celeste, Cabo Blue, Cobalt, Azzurro, Blu, Sapphire, Harebell Blue, Ice Blue, Indigo, Sea Spray, Denim, Moonlight Blue, Orient, Teal, Java Bean, Ebony, Charbon, Nero, Oman, Galaxy.

  • Wood Tone
    Wood Tone

    Mineral Green, Sage, Khaki, Pistachio, Celadon, Turquoise, Stone, Herb, Avocado, Zen, Refresh, Kiwi, Apple Green, Rosemary, Tormalina, Giada, Verde Ortica, Verde Prato, Cinder, Forest, Lime, Mint, Shamrock, Olive, Emerald.