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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!


Concern for the care of the environment and preservation of the environment has been a priority for the creation of this new brand The company Walkon Tile.

The sustainability of our way of life and necessary balance to the environment needs concrete facts and tangible actions. Walkon Tile and our partner are responsible for the manufacturing process to minimize their impact on the environment.


Walkon Tile is committed to caring for the environment and the effects that impact on the environment due to their activity. Has made significant investments in infrastructure to adapt and apply the best techniques and cleaner production processes. Some of the requirements to be met, among others are: Discharges. Atmospheric emissions. Waste management and procedures.


Saving energy is a key of our partner factor in industrial processes, especially in the ceramic tile sector, as a significant part of the process requires considerable amounts of energy in the form of heat in order to manufacture the product.

This means it is important to reduce energy consumption to a maximum. An example of this is recycling the heat from the cooling zone of the kilns, which is channelled and used in the drying chambers.

This makes it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption.


At Walkon Tile and our partner, we are aware of the importance of responsibly managing the natural resources used in industrial activities, especially water use. For this reason, special measures have been implemented aimed at efficient water use in our different processes.

These measures have led to specific actions, such as the re-use of 100% of the water used in the glazing lines into the production process, achieving ZERO WASTE.

Yes, We Care!


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