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New Product April

The Stone Talk ceramic collection by Ergon arises from a reflection on the primitive and

minimalist form of stone and on the different finishes that originate from the different ways it is worked.

The result is an “archetypal” ceramic stone, a shining star, yet also discreet, destined to assume different appearances in surfaces depending on its finish: Minimal, Martellata and Rullata. Stone Talk is the Ergon collection focused on authenticity and the ability to highlight the most surprising details of stone working, to illustrate and enhance the physical side of a work of architecture: substantial, essential, functional. Each process transforms the stone, making it ideal for different uses. Stone Talk by Ergon is a complete collection of elements that creates a harmonious dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. The Minimal version offers elegant, functional solutions. The anti-slip technical version complies with the main international standards required for modern architectural projects. The Martellata version is perfect for public and private outdoor areas. The Rullata version is ideal above all as a wall covering


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